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MZC: I saw in your schedule that you have talks and question and answer times. What are talks that you have been giving, and what are some of the questions being asked? Do you feel the retreatants have the chance to get past the academic and ask the questions they really want to ask?

Also pay attention to what you hear and smell. There may be bird song, road noise or the chatter of people or animals. Consciously tune in to these different sounds. Notice the sound of different birds, different vehicles. Listen for subtler sounds as you tune in to the soundscape that constantly surrounds us. You'll find yourself hearing things that have merely passed you by before. There are also plenty of smells around you what can you identify as you focus on this sense?

BN: Right. So the less we are causes or conditions for the destruction of animals, that is a better situation, even though in theravada we can eat meat without breaking the precepts.

BN: Laughing. We may be getting some goats soon. You know the economics of this? They milk the goats. The female goats give birth to billy goats, but there is no use for the billy goats. So after 40 days, they kill the male goat to eat. So we are going to adopt a male goat. And see from there if we can add more. We do eat seafood here, but I'd like the monastery to become completely vegetarian. We still follow the practice of not eating after noon.

Over the years, different statues of Gautama Buddha have been built in the various Buddhism-practicing countries. Have you ever wondered how big is the biggest Buddha statue?

This first stage, anapanasati, can be outlined and succinctly instructed, as this is the part of the practice that one can actually do, practically and willfully. The second component, insight, arises out of the firm foundation of anapanasiti like an act of grace. Insight into the true, unwavering nature of reality happens spontaneously over time when the mind settles into deeper states of acceptance and concentration.

MZC: Batchelor is specifically talking about the rebirth in the Indian philosophy where there is a rebirth of the individual soul or atma, which goes from life to life. Batchelor says that the Buddha was not interested in whether this is true or not, whether there is even a soul, if "the mind is different from the body." And further, we cannot know the answer to such questions.

Thailand mostly comprises of people who speak Tai language. Tai speaking people are spread over Central Thai, the Northeastern Thai, the Northern Thai, and the Southern Thai. Central Thai is the area where one finds most Tai speaking people.